Patrick Campbell-Lyons (born 13 July 1943, Lismore, County Waterford, Ireland), is a composer and musician who is one half of the cult symphonic-rock band, Nirvana - formed in London in 1967 and still sporadically active in 2006.

Campbell-Lyons was part of the West London music scene from the early 1960s playing in several bands. He was the vocalist and a founder member of a locally-popular R&B band Second Thoughts whose lineups included future record producer Chris Thomas, Thunderclap Newman founder / drummer Speedy Keen and two future members of prog-rock band Jade Warrior (Jon Field and Tony Duhig). Second Thoughts split up in late 1965 and after a year living in Sweden, Campbell-Lyons returned to London in late 1966.

In early 1967 he formed Nirvana with Greek musician Alex Spyropolous. The duo (augmented in the studio and live by a floating line-up of session musicians) created a series of critically-acclaimed baroque, orchestrated albums before disbanding in the early 1970s.

Campbell-Lyons then pursued a career in the music business as an A&R executive and producer - while continuing to occasionally record solo albums including Me & My Friend, The Electric Plough and The Hero I Might Have Been.

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Psychedelic Days - a book
by Patrick Campbell-Lyons of Nirvana

In early July 2008 as I started to write some songs about my life and times in 1960’s London and beyond, something happened which I would describe as “crystal karma vision.”  I was remembering in great detail those “psychedelic days” of forty years before when I navigated my way on a voyage of music, freedom, adventure and self discovery. The past had no distance and I was living it all over again. Thrill’s and pill’s rhythm and blues, the legendary Ealing Club, Island Records, Chris Blackwell Nirvana in Tin Pan Alley, the Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Guy Stevens, Mickie Most, Paris with Salvador Dali, Rio De Janeiro with Jimmy Cliff, The Star Club in Hamburg, Stockholm, Belguim, Tangiers and the “happenings.”   When I stopped writing four months later I had a book.  I had been there and lived to tell the story. Today so many years on people fantasize and wonder about those crazy days and often ask me “What were the 'sixties’ like?  It must have been a crazy time! I wish I had been there.”  Well my story is for you and it is also for those who were there and did not make it to the other side.  Have a good trip.  

Patrick Nirvana. April 2009  


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Grass Is the Real Nirvana

Rainbow Chaser
a short film
shown at the
Cork Film Festival
Conor Heffernan, Director & Producer
"Patrick Campbell Lyons jumped from Co. Waterford straight into the 1960s London psychedelic scene with his band Nirvana. 45 years on, he retraces his steps."

From Nirvana Cult CD

Requiems are for Heroes, not for Zeros.
The original psychedelic 60's band is celebrating -
after 45 years in pop history. A source of inspiration for today's bands, looking for imagination and pure originality again.

From the Nirvana Cult CD
Love Is an Ultra Rare unreleased video

Nirvana Cult CD
NIRVANA is a movie, for sure - if Vadim, Antonioni or Kubrick had made pop records back in the late 1960s, they might have sounded somewhat like the delights on offer here. The imagery, both expressed and implied, is most exquisite .... (rest of article click HERE)


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